We are currently working closely with INTERDEAN.INTERCONEX. Here is how they may help you:



INTERDEAN.INTERCONEX now has a global presence since its' acquisition with the INTERDEAN GROUP LTD, and INTERCONEX INC. of New York, USA last year. With 59 Offices in 38 Countries INTERDEAN.INTERCONEX is better positioned to respond to the gobal service and support requirements of their corporate clients.

We offer a truly seamless removal service, on a World-wide basis, to our corporate clients. We believe that all our clients are entitled to the highest quality of service available at a competitive price and with the confidence that we will always provide a consistent and reliable service.


bulletInternational Door to Door relocations
bulletDomestics or Local Move relocations
bulletThird Country relocations
bulletCommercial Relocations
bulletSpecial Items: CARS, BOATS, PETS, etc.
bulletLong Term or Short Term Storage
bulletInsurance with Full Replacement and Claims Handling
bulletHandyman, Maid Services, Removal of Debris, etc.


For more information please contact SIMON DAVIES at Tel: 65-266 5525 or Mobile phone at 9-757 1369.

Interconex International Movers Pte Ltd

40 Kian Teck Road, Singapore 628783

Tel: (65) 266-5525  Fax: (65) 264-5525

Website:  http://www.interconex.com